Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Million Excuses to Spread Rose Rosette

Earlier in the week I thought I would try to get some ideas from a mom based facebook group that I belong to. I wanted to see what their thoughts were and how they would react to the situation.

It was a real eye opener. These are not your ordinary moms but a group of what I consider more intelligent and caring moms. Many think it is not acceptable to  give the advice of digging up rose bushes. As brutal as it is digging up diseased rose bushes is necessary to control the spread of rose rosette.

Some were kind, knowledgeable and understanding, and some didn't understand the way I had hoped. There was a plant pathologist who had experienced the loss of trees due to others not caring or understanding what damage the ash borer can do. There was a mom who had a friend who goes around collecting rare roses planted from settlers, so she knew about the importance of saving roses.

When I mentioned negligence, destruction of property and how people have the option to seek damages, one person said no way would that be possible. I beg to differ because once it effects someones pocket book they may think twice before they ignore the problem the next time.

Even when it was mentioned the rose is the floral emblem of the United States, it did not make a difference. When mentioned if there were something destroying bald eagles, I was criticized and scolded that a plant could not be compared to an animal. What should one compare roses to? When it appeared others were arguing with each other I deleted the thread.

Some could not phantom digging up a rose bush that someone close to them planted. Many have had to dig up old rose bushes their grandmother planted, many have lost all if not most of their roses  due to no fault of their own, but fault of others around them. No one should have to lose a rose bush because of someone else failed to realize that rose rosette is like the plague of roses.

I compiled a list of excuses, or my interpretation of excuses they had, while my teen helped answer to these excuses. Maybe others see it different than I do. I am trying to understand why my neighbors wish to spread a fatal rose disease, they think nothing of it. Below you will find these excuses.

Peppering door with flyers-
Only 2 flyers were sent out to every household. A few people got a third flyer, few got extra literature. The HOA was given extra literature as well to help educate them on the matter, so they could do something.

Possibly renters-
If your fridge is broken, the landlord is responsible to repair or replace. If the rose is broken, the landlord should remove it and replace with something else, or you should do it for them and deduct it from your rent if they have ignored you.

My business not yours-
It may not be any of my business if you have rose rosette infected bushes in your yard. However if you spread it to my roses that makes it my concern. Anyone growing roses in this neighborhood should be concerned.

It's a plant not an animal-
You water your plants. You feed your plants. Your plants provide you enjoyment. You give animals water and food, they provide enjoyment as well. Some people care for their plants a lot more than others, and you need to respect that for other people, this plant is important.

Roses are cheap and readily available at a big box store-
This is not true of all roses. There are many varieties not available on the open market, not even on the closed market. Many varieties are not constantly available, there are thousands of varieties of roses, not all are cheap and at the local big box store.

People don't like being bothered-
That is their deal, but if their rose is infected they need to be notified. I doubt they would like to be bothered with a court case when their disease spreads everywhere.

Plants are just landscaping-
To some people plants are more than just landscaping. I would not not give such time and attention to landscaping that I would give to plants, I love taking care of them.

Too busy, no time for it-
If you have a rose infected with rose rosette you need to take time and address it, there are landscaping companies available to take care of the problem for you.

May not maintain their own lawn-
If you have roses, you need to make sure your landscaper is aware rose rosette is in the area and they are educated enough to take care of preventing disease as well as getting rid of diseased plants.

The HOA was contacted through email, which they did not respond to, they were private messaged through facebook, but ignored that too, they were sent text by phone, they gave little response to the text. They were sent a certified letter they refused to pick up. Suggestions were made to ask the landscaping company that is here weekly and sometimes more frequently to offer discounts to residents. I do not know if the HOA took the time to pick up the phone and ask the landscaping company that question. I can go into this further but I won't.

There has to be a cure, plant will get over it-
There is no cure for rose rosette, and no, the plant won't just get over it if you ignore it.

Get over it!-
A fatal disease that threatens your property is not something you get over while the threat lingers. My concern is this disease is not being taken seriously, and the lack of concern and lack of appropriate action.

You're being too pushy!-
It's been two months, and no-one else has done anything. I'm not being pushy, I am being passionate about what I love, and I love roses. It's not my fault that I want roses to stay alive and not become extinct from a fatal virus.

Your sign is insulting!-
This sign or piece of art as I view it is a reflection upon reality. What is insulting is the fact there are diseased rose bushes in this neighborhood and no-one seems to care.

I don't even like roses!-
If that is the case, it should be even easier to get rid of any infected.

Why should I listen to you?-
You don't have to. Simply listen to the numerous plant pathologists and read their articles to understand how bad rose rosette can truly be.

There could be other excuses not listed here, I am not a mind reader and have no idea why my neighbors continue to spread rose rosette disease. I didn't list a million excuses but surely you get the idea of how there is no excuse compelling enough to spread rose rosette and destroy roses.


  1. Stupidity! You forgot stupidity!

  2. Hopefully your neighbors stop making up excuses.

  3. There is no excuse at all to spread rose rosette.