Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Saga Continues

My heart sinks every time I see others do lawn care up my street. It is not enough that each time I am outside I am greeted by rose rosette by my neighbors, I also am worried that they continue to spread the disease. The weather has been extremely dry for a long time now, there has not been sufficient rain, which further exuberates all those pest that like the weather hot and dry. The thrips are out in full force, I am sure those eriophyid mites are too.

My certified letter to the HOA was returned, they refused to pick it up from the post office. Yet they thought nothing of having a lawyer send me a letter six months after we had painted out house telling us how we violated their rules. They think nothing of people in this neighborhood spreading rose rosette to other houses destroying everyone's roses. It is rumored that if you leave your trash can out or park your car in the street you get fined.

Around last week or the week before, I received a letter from the HOA and I was sure it was telling me my grass was too high or any other unknown infractions. Instead, it was a letter reminding everyone of how this was one of the best places to live in this area of the state, and how they had rules and dues. It also seemed like they were planning on cracking down on issues, and possibly being a lot stricter. There was nothing about rose rosette.

One neighbor wrote a nasty letter accusing me of trespassing and harassment just for leaving a flyer at her door. When people live in neighborhoods, they should be mindful and respectful of others, and not destroy their property. When there is heavy rainfall, water flows straight to my house from neighboring properties. So much topsoil has been washed away that our yard needs regrading.

Now many neighbors have roses diseased with rose rosette, and think nothing of spreading disease in order to destroy neighbors roses. It is inconsiderate and negligent  to deliberately not take care of roses with rose rosette.  I always gave my neighbors more credit than this, I believed them to be kind and compassionate people, but it would not appear this way from what I see.

Two days ago, my cat was very sick and appeared to have been poisoned, whether intentionally or not. She couldn't even stand up. I'm wondering if this was done intentionally. People don't think anything of spreading their rose disease. I like to believe people are not that cruel, but that is kind of hard. We have been following the vet's instructions, and hope she gets better soon. She can now walk, but still has to recover.

A new neighbor joined the Nextdoor site for our neighborhood and thanked all the messages except the ones I posted about rose rosette. These are the messages my neighbors have posted about TV problems. I only post them to show how concerned they are about cable issues, which they should be concerned about a service they pay for. However, it also shows their lack of concern about the rose rosette disease in the neighborhood.  At least they care about something!

Messages about Cable
May 27th Neighbor 1: Anyone in Neighborhood having Comcast TV issues for the past month? Mine has been cutting in and out all month and finally quit working yesterday and I was told by Comcast that the whole neighborhood was having issues and they discovered faulty wiring down by the road and replaced it and now my Cable seems to be working again. Just curious if everyone was really having the same problem. message thanked once

27th Neighbor 2: Yes, mine has been going in and out and I have called to have them refresh the signal. Yesterday it completely quit working and after it was restored I had to call them again to refresh the signal to clear up the cutting in and out.
At one point Local Telephone was going to install fiber optics for all of our cable, internet, and phone connections but I believe it fell through due to some legalistic matters with Comcast/Xfinity. I wish we had more choices for cable besides satellite. Comcast/Xfinity has the worst customer service and technical support I have ever dealt with!  message thanked twice

27th Neighbor 3: We are too last night was the worst they have put flags in our yard to dig it up I don't know about that. message thanked

May 28th Neighbor 1:  had an appt for Comcast to come out this afternoon to replace my cable boxes but I just got a call that they had discovered the faulty wiring and that they no longer need to replace my boxes. They gave me a telephone # for tech support in case it goes out again but they think the problem has been fixed. message thanked

28th Neighbor 4: Yes ours has been cutting in and out as well. Thanks for calling them. message thanked

28th Me:  It may be a good idea if any of you have ever called 811 (call before you dig) and are aware of bushes, trees, plants or shrubs growing in the area where underground utility are marked to take notice. Roots growing where they should not be, through and around underground utilities and cable boxes often times damage underground cables. Roots do damage underground utility lines all the time. I posted about this a couple of weeks ago, but everyone ignored it. Message thanked once

May 30th Neighbor 2: My cable is still cutting in and out. Are you still having issues as well? message thanked

May 30th Neighbor 4: We are still having issues on Street.

June 2nd Neighbor 1: Yes I'm still having issues but it is much better than it was. I'm going to call Comcast back.

Message about my cat:
June 1st My message about my cat it was not thanked at all:   My cat was doing fine yesterday. This morning she can hardly stand, and shows signs of having been poisoned either intentional or non intentional. I would like to believe that no one in this neighborhood would deliberately poison a cat, as that is not only a crime, it is despicable.

If you have outdoor cats please keep a careful eye on them, as I would not want them to get into what ever it was that my cat got into.

I understand that there are some that are intentionally attempting to destroy other's roses, but this is different. This is someone's pet. If someone is deliberately trying to kill my cat, it could backfire and they could also harm other people's cats in the process.

Right now I am not 100% certain that my cat will recover. I have received hateful letters in the mail for passing out flyers and threats, I hope that this is not in any way related.

June 1st Only 1 reply: I am very sorry to hear about your cat. I certainly hope no one would intentionally harm an animal. I think you have done the neighborhood a service in informing it of the dangers of the rose disease, but I also think that it's now time to let people make their own decisions on what to do. I pray that the Lord shows mercy upon your cat. I did thank them.

Messages on a rose rosette post

Before May 20th, post was deleted On another post: Rose diseases happen. Get over it.

May 20th My response to this:  I appreciate your comment of "Rose diseases happen. Get over it."

However, your reaction and others of not wanting to see or hear about a fatal disease that affects everyone in the neighborhood that has roses is appalling. Rose rosette disease is not like other rose diseases that one can simply go out and buy a spray for, it is FATAL and there is NO CURE for it. One does not get over a fatal plant disease that spreads by the wind when others have failed to take notice, attempt to stop it, or while there are diseased roses in close proximity. AGAIN EVERYBODY"S ROSES ARE IN DANGER while there are still infected plants in such close proximity.

Muting the conversation or ignoring it is not going to make the fatal rose disease vanish. When there are residents in this neighborhood that have diseased roses, and are not considerate enough of their neighbors to take care of the problem it is really sad. I am ashamed to have such inconsiderate neighbors, I am ashamed that some of my own neighbors have such disrespect for our national flower they would scoff at information to protect it. Some of you can continue to ridicule me all you want, it will not stop the fact there are diseased roses in this neighborhood, and the problem will not go away on its own.

Before May 27th from a neighbor First part of response that was deleted: We had to remove our beautiful large knockout roses planted by my mother. I was very sad and upset. I have accepted that I cannot grow.... This message went on to complain about my bombarding everyone with messages about rose rosette.

May 27th My response:  I am beyond upset. As I said before I lost 4 plants already some that I actually propagated myself, plus I gave over a dozen away to my brother. All were rare and hard to find varieties.

I have printed and passed out flyers twice now. Some people are intelligent enough that they actually took care of the problem, but others still haven't done anything except ignore it. It does not give me a good impression at all, especially with the attitude I see here. I don't like seeing roses with rose rosette every time I leave my house. I don't like seeing it every time I walk outside my door. I am bombarded with it everyday, every time I go outside. So it is odd that some can't handle an extra email in their inbox, out of a huge quantity daily.

It does not mean that you can't ever grow roses again because one rose was lost, it just means you have to become smarter about growing roses. Yes, it helps if others would stop spreading rose rosette to their neighbors.

May 27th My response:  Let's get real, ignorance can be bliss. As long as people don't know that rose rosette exists, no worries. Also no one appreciates how it was brought to their attention that it exists. As long as no one knows what it is, it can continue to be ignored.

Those who have roses infected with rose rosette don't appreciate that they have a responsibility to destroy their infected bushes. Instead of being responsible, they ignore it, allowing the mites to breed, and continue the spread. It is very inconsiderate of people to do that. Why would someone knowingly allow the spread rose rosette to their neighbor's roses?

Maybe they have valid reasons for not taking care of the problem, if that is the case they should ask others for help. It would appear though that some can only think this is just another unwanted email in their in box. As long as they don't see it, or know about it, it is not a problem for anyone.

It does not fill my heart with joy to know there are big colonies of mites looking for fresh roses to destroy. Especially since I know others could have prevented it but chose not to. So yes, by all means keep complaining and muting, after all ignorance is bliss.

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