Monday, 27 June 2016

Rose Rosette Stop it or Spread It

It has been no secret that I have been taking photos of roses infected with rose rosette. I try to take them on a weekly basis, so I can see how the fatal rose disease progresses. It is a learning experience. I am not a university or government organization conducting field trials. I have not had prior experience with rose rosette, so I am taking the opportunity to learn as I experience it first hand. The photos are only of diseased roses and my own roses and flowers. None of the photos of diseased roses showed houses that could be recognized. I am committed in stopping the spread of rose rosette.

The sad truth is I am also learning about people. Learning how they do not appreciate any information I have tried to bring to their attention about rose rosette. I have had to watch as they ignored my concerns. Printed material was not sufficient and ignored, an invitation to a live presentation by the local cooperative extension was not enough. I have had to watch as my neighbors thank messages on nextdoor to ignore the little information that I tried to share. There is more information about rose rosette that I can put out in the many messages that I posted. I have had to face the fact that no matter how hard I try in my neighborhood, it will never be good enough or acceptable.

Now the HOA has placed me under surveillance. They ride by taking photos of my house, not once, not twice, but continuously. They must think I am stupid and don't notice. While my husband and I are getting to watch a move on a Sunday evening, a golf cart full of people and HOA members slowly rides by snickering as they take video or pictures from one end of my yard to the other.  It is really creepy, and makes me uncomfortable. While there is no law preventing them from doing that, or anyone for that matter, when it happens as frequent as they are doing, it becomes borderline stalking.

How do I know what their motives are? How do I know they are not planning something unlawful or harmful? How do I know they are not planning some sort of attack? It is a waste of time and resources for them to stalk me in such a way. Their time and resources could have been better used learning about rose rosette, and coming up with a plan to help the neighborhood to get rid of it.

There are many things they could have done, but didn't. It would be nice if they could talk to the landscaping company that is out more frequently than once a week. They could offer to have them dig up the roses for people who are too busy or unable. A small helpful gesture like that would have gone farther in stopping the spread of rose rosette than the many messages I have posted. Educating the neighborhood about rose rosette, and how bad it is would be another option. Showing the neighborhood they are available to offer help and resources would be setting a shining example for other neighborhoods to follow. Showing those who don't yet have rose rosette how to properly spray, what to spray to try to prevent it is even another idea. Asking the landscaping company to please offer a discount for services for this fatal rose disease could be even be done. Any of these suggestions would have been more than helpful.

Maybe they did contact the landscaping company, I have no way of knowing that. Maybe they have done these things I speak of, but I have not seen it. All I see is a a bunch of roses infected with rose rosette, and my inability to take care of it by myself. My neighbors, and HOA have shown they know and they don't care. When I bring it up, that is what I am told. It is places like my neighborhood that don't help get rose rosette under control.

Regardless of my experience, there are others who have a better experience. There are people out there that do listen and do dig up diseased rose bushes. When it comes to rose rosette, we can stop it or spread it.   It is important not just here but everywhere that people become educated about rose rosette. Only then can it be possible for rose rosette to  become a thing of the past.

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  1. Hopefully people choose to stop it.

  2. Are you shocked that your HOA is taking pictures of your house? That is what they do. They will drag you down at all cost. They don't care anything about your roses, or the other roses in your neighborhood. The will try to destroy you which looks like what they are planning. No one just starts taking photos like that unless they have something up their sleeves. Because you care about something, and want to help others, they will use this against you. By the time they are through with you, you will never want to care about anything else again. You wait and see, that is how HOAs operate.