Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Time to Gear Up

Since my last blog post, I felt back into a corner.  I felt alone as if no one in the word cared, and I would not be able to ever win this fight against rose rosette. Somehow I also felt liberated, as if nothing can stand in my way. I have since become busy thinking of what my next steps will be.

I always valued people's privacy, and did not want to take photos of their diseased bushes. Well the fact that the diseased bushes remain shows they have very little respect for others. I have now started taking photos of the diseased bushes. I am careful to make sure no one's house is identifiable, and would not dare take photos of the people. I am now taking photos posting them on facebook, and even tagging the HOA in the process since it is in the neighborhood.

I have also sent a private message to someone who has several diseased bushes through nextdoor. I suspect the message to be ignored, just like the flyers; they have yet to respond. I started a public group on nextdoor, but as expected no one has joined except the moderator. I invited all the neighbors to Rose Care 101, as expected no one from the neighborhood has agreed to go. I can't say I haven't shed tears along the way but I am not giving up. I am sure my family and friends are going to unfollow me on facebook as I started posting there too.

While it may appear rose rosette is not yet that bad in my area, it only takes one infected rose. In other places it had to start somewhere. I look around and I see it being ignored. I do not want it to end up as bad here like places I have only read about, and the many photos I have seen. I am doing my best, but others view my efforts as foolish and unnecessary. It is hurtful, yes, but it only makes me stronger.  I wonder if any of this will get their attention or will all this also be ignored.

I have also posted small snippets of my blog on my nextdoor group. I want them to realize I have a blog, and realize what this whole experience has been like for me. I'm waiting for them to inquire about it, ask for the link. As expected, no one cares. I suspect to them a rose is nothing more than a plant you go to the big box store to buy. With the way the neighborhood has a revolving door, few choose to stay, I hope no other rose lovers move here. I would not choose this agony on my worst enemy.

One of the biggest problems seems to be many un-knowledgeable landscapers over planting Knock Out roses. These landscapers know nothing about rose rosette, and spread it to nearby roses. This is common in subdivisions. The builders plant Knock Out roses, then ignore them. The builders and landscapers need to to be educated about the dangers of rose rosette. I understand their desire to make a quick easy dollar, but at what expense? Where are the builders and landscapers who take pride in their work?  If I was paying someone to take care of my plants, I would expect them to do a much better job of it than I have done myself.  I look no further than my own neighborhood to see where someone taking someone's money to care for the yard, and leaving big diseased roses behind to just spread rose rosette.

My husband tells me people do not care, he says they are not bothered by the way the roses become deformed, it is something in their yard, and a trip to any big box store could replace it once it dies. I know he is right, but I want to have faith in others, I want to believe they don't want to kill other people's roses.

Signs! Being resourceful, I took a sharpie to a used pizza box and paper grocery bags. As tacky as it looked I left it in my front yard for a day. I was waiting for someone to say something, but no one ever did. Over the weekend up went new signs! Hand painted signs! My husband went to the big box store and got plywood and paint. I wanted long and wordy, but my husband told me to keep it short so people would actually read it. One of my future Signs will say "Rose rosette, stop it, or spread it" in all caps. Since I am now finally over my flu I am raring to go!  I plan to display the signs proudly in my yard.

 It did not take long for the HOA to come around and take photos. I assume I will get a letter in the mail any day now. It is ironic how people will complain about my sign but not rose rosette? Some may find my signs unfriendly, insulting, rude, but it is a reflection of truth.

The article my daughter wrote up was in the paper as a letter to the editor, so hopefully it will help someone. The Homeowner Rose Care 101 class will be listed in the paper next week. I haven't yet given up on my neighbors, even the Grinch had a heart in the end.


  1. OMG! This sounds horrible! Glad u have signs!

  2. Sounds like you neighbors want to kill your roses.

  3. Their excuses are terrible. Hope they get rid of the disease soon.